Our farm days - also affectionately known as Subbotnik - take place once a month and are dedicated entirely to the place where we live here. On this day, 4 Linden is repaired, sorted, maintained, swept and built. But we also laugh, eat and enjoy the sun!

We start the day together in the morning and distribute the tasks that need to be done. Depending on the task, we work in groups, alone or in pairs. At lunchtime, we fortify ourselves with a warm meal, as it's not uncommon to be hungry after all that fresh air. In the afternoon, when everyone comes together again, it is a joy to see what has been created by so many hands.

This is exactly why the farm days are so valuable. The farm is in a constant state of flux. It changes through new projects, through the people and animals who live here and also through the ravages of time. The creative creation of something new is therefore just as important as maintaining what already exists.

We are always very happy to hear from people who would like to join us. There are no special requirements, as there is always something to suit the many tasks.

4 Linden Aachen
Karl-Friedrich-Straße 157
52072 Aachen

Contact person:

Kim Kerkhof
Tel: 017684350546