There are now two vegetable gardens at 4 Linden, which provide the farm community with wonderfully fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs, berries and flowers.
Narrow paths lined with fragrant flowers and climbing beans, juicy cucumbers, crunchy carrots and sweet strawberries in the beds...

The gardens not only provide humans with their treasures, but also numerous birds and insects in the air, including flocks of bees and hoverflies. They provide habitats above and below ground, where an infinite number of tiny life forms work in cycles to ensure that our soil and plants are healthy.

Our gardens give us the opportunity to provide for parts of the farm community ourselves and also open up a deeper engagement with organic farming, the respectful use of raw materials, our consumer behavior and climate change.

In concrete terms, for us this also means dealing with and applying the principles of permaculture. These are guidelines for creating a self-sustaining system, for example a garden or a farm or a village or many hundreds of hectares of land.
The aim is to close cycles, use naturally available resources sustainably and promote resilience. The main focus is on preserving the diversity of nature, or rather increasing it. This system should also provide for human needs: for food, habitat, energy, as well as for beauty and tranquillity.

For our gardens, this means, among other things, that we value organic seeds. That we give preference to old and endangered varieties. That we mulch to reduce water consumption. That we have perennial plant beds. That we plant friendly plant families together so that they support each other and much more...

If you would like to find out more and take a stroll through the gardens, please come and visit us. We welcome visitors of all ages.

Karl-Friedrich-Strasse 157
52072 Aachen