All the buildings on 4 Linden are constructed from natural materials such as wood, clay, wool and straw. Clay insulates, stores heat, absorbs moisture and releases it again, all by itself. No other building material has this combination of possibilities. This creates a pleasant room and living climate all year round.

The floor structure on 4 Linden consists of 0.5 m of humus, a 1.5 m thick layer of pure clay and then 2 layers of clean sand. This is how we stand on the building materials, a gift from nature that we salvage and process.

The architecture is part of our 12-part scale of values, where the needs of the residents are taken into account just as much as those of the animals and plants.

Everything is lovingly prepared and combines to form a harmonious whole. This fills our soul, our heart and our senses with joy, contentment and happiness.