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At 4Linden you can experience what an ecological, sustainable and grandchild-friendly life can look like now and in the future. The site covers an area of 1.1 hectares. It is located in the Laurensberg district in the north-west of Aachen, around 6 km from the city center.
In the entrance area there are two residential buildings and a café with an open festival hall. The seminar house with office, studio, barn and stable are located on the rear grounds. In between there is a coach house, a farm chapel and three circus wagons. There are a total of 40 fruit trees, two vegetable gardens, a herb garden, meadows and pastures. There are two donkeys, two dairy goats, chickens, geese and ducks, as well as two dogs. Twelve people currently live here, including four refugees from Ukraine.
Throughout the year, numerous visitors from all over the world come here to find out about our work and way of life. Guests come via the Wwof, workaway, work and travel and Airbnb organizations to live and work here temporarily.


Illustrative & inspiring

The way humanity lives today, it spends more resources worldwide than the earth can renew them, globally 1.7 times as much! We are living beyond our means!
In Germany we consume 3 earths, in the USA 5.1 earths. In view of dwindling resources, we should simplify our lives. On a planet with limited resources, there can be no unlimited growth. Here at 4Linden, we have created alternatives on how we can act in a resource-friendly and sustainable way and thus lead a happy and fulfilling life.
We want to keep the doors open so that interested people can come and see this unique place and live and work here. We would like to expand 4Linden with further projects and thus extend the existing offer. We also want to preserve this place for future generations, as we are convinced that we will need these alternatives even more urgently in the future than we do today. We are dependent on financial support for the extensive care, maintenance and further expansion of 4Linden. To this end, we have founded the 4Linden Aachen e.V. support association.


Creative & innovative

4Linden is a place of hope and inspiration. Hope that spiritual growth will once again become more important than external wealth, that ethical values count. Visitors, guests and creative minds from all over the world come here to meet, exchange ideas and be inspired. The result is an imaginative, open-minded community that constantly generates new ideas and inspiration. At 4Linden, you can follow in the footsteps of happiness and explore what really makes you happy and what counts in life. You can discover your own creative power and find out what makes you and others happy. Mutual support and assistance is what makes community possible in the first place The need to help others is deeply rooted in us. At 4Linden, you can find out how you can integrate an ecological and sustainable lifestyle into your everyday life.


Ecological & sustainable

All buildings at 4Linden are constructed from natural materials such as straw, clay, reed and wood and are 99% compostable. Clay insulates, stores heat, absorbs moisture and releases it again, all by itself. No other building material has this combination of possibilities. Quality of life and living. Is thus completely redefined. We want to build with the EARTH, not against it. We want to implement everything we do with love and mindfulness. So everything here is lovingly prepared and combines to form a harmonious whole. The attentive visitor senses and discovers this love of detail as soon as they pass through the entrance gate. This approach to ourselves and others fills our souls, our hearts and our senses with joy, contentment and happiness. We see ourselves as part of a large human family that looks out for one another. People, animals and plants are equal partners in the world that we share with each other. Here at 4 Linden, you can see how this peaceful coexistence can succeed.
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The strain on the earth and its inhabitants is reaching its limits or has already exceeded them in many places. But we only have one Earth, and we need to preserve it for our children and grandchildren. The necessary changes towards a natural, ecological and sustainable way of life apply to all areas of life: Architecture, nutrition, health care, water and energy, ecology, economy, communication, education, art, culture and tradition, spirituality, community building and shared responsibility for the world. The implementation of alternative solutions in these areas can be seen, experienced and understood by all visitors at 4Linden. We are deeply committed to exploiting the existing potential and expanding the project. We, the residents, friends, helpers and employees of 4Linden would like to continue to make ourselves and our work accessible to an ever-increasing public.

To achieve this, it is necessary that the 4Linden project, which has been privately funded to date, is supported by people who are interested in our work. With financial support, this holistic project and the associated charitable work can continue to be made possible.

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You want to help?

  1. Become a member of Förderverein 4Linden Aachen e.V. Membership fee €12 per year
  2. Become a member of the circle of friends from 120,-€ per year
  3. Sponsor a project with a project-related donation

There are plans to set up a foundation for 4Linden, with the Friends' Association forming the preliminary stage. Together with enthusiastic co-founders, this project can be successfully implemented.

We are looking for!

  1. Co-founders to help us set up the foundation
  2. Friends & sponsors who support us financially
  3. Helping hands

Aachen 2030 klimaneutral

Aachen wants to become climate-neutral by 2030. Together with 30 other cities in Europe, Aachen has been chosen by the EU to achieve this. At 4Linden, we have been working towards this goal for many years. Here you can see what practical solutions are available. This requires not only concrete measures such as the supply of renewable energy, but also a change of mindset. By immersing yourself in the world of 4Linden, you can be inspired as to how you too can integrate climate neutrality into your everyday life.

Help us with your donation to preserve this lovely place of learning and achieve this goal together with the city of Aachen by 2030.

Donation account:
Förderverein 4Linden Aachen e.V.
IBAN: DE13 3905 0000 1077 0907 75 / BIC: AACS DE33

You can also donate directly via Paypal:

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You can now support the construction of our goat barn with one click...

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Karl-Friedrich-Straße 157, 52072 Aachen

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