"People come together to fulfill a specific task, to help others fulfill their tasks and to take care of each other.
Community is the basis on which people come together to share their gifts and receive something from others." Sobonfu E. Somé, from DIE GABE DES GLÜCKS

If we do everything we do with love and mindfulness, then building becomes the art of construction, healing becomes the art of healing and living together becomes a community of values based on solidarity.

If we give ourselves to life in this way, then we can not only ennoble our own actions, but also elevate each other; there is more when we share.
So that all this can flourish and grow, the residents meet regularly for farm meetings, heart-to-heart discussions and joint working days (farm days). The farm days are open to anyone interested in joining in and working together.

Visitors, interns, friends and like-minded people meet here at 4 Linden for an international exchange, and the interest in working together increases from year to year.