Picturesque gem

In the north-west of Aachen lies 4 Linden, a picturesque gem surrounded by orchards, paddocks and hiking trails. A harmonious ensemble of houses, each with its own story to tell, beautiful seating areas and artistically designed terraces that invite you to linger - like a peaceful island.

Surrounded by greenery, although only a few kilometers from the city, it is a place of peace and quiet, of harmony and the joy of living and being with nature. Even the first impression makes you pause and take a closer look.

What is hidden behind this red entrance gate, nestled between an old farm worker's house and a high hedge that cannot be seen?

The curious are rewarded and discover the size and diversity of this farm with every step they take. Like a voyage of discovery, this refuge of beauty in architecture, art and nature reveals itself to you.

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40 years ago

As an architecture student in 1979, Andreas Dilthey bought a small 19th century farm worker's house at Karl- Friedrich-Straße 157 in Aachen - Vetschau. He lived here in an old circus wagon until the house was extended and renovated with the help of friends and fellow students.

Over the years, 4 Linden developed into a creative adventure farm, a refuge of beauty and inspiration and an ecological showcase project under the motto "act ecologically - think sustainably".

In 2008, 4 Linden was extended by three more meadows, so that the site now covers around one hectare as a living work of art.

A rebuilt half-timbered house from 1656, a seminar house, circus wagons for overnight stays, an exhibition hall, a barn, stables for three donkeys, goats, chickens and geese, a small farm chapel, a café, a studio house with a gallery and a work yard for sculpture seminars are the proud results of 4 Linden's many years of expansion - naturally all built from natural materials such as wood and clay and 95% compostable.

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Today, 11 adults and 6 children live here. The children from the neighborhood can also often be found here. Community togetherness is lived and practiced again and again.
The doors are open to visitors and anyone interested in what we have to offer.
And every first and third Sunday of the month at 12 noon there are guided tours of the farm. Bookings are welcome.

Here is a short film of the Kulturroute 2022 on 4Linden.

Portraits and Brief descriptions of the residents

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My name is Andreas Dilthey.

I am the father of 6 children, an architect, sculptor, clay builder, idealist, humanist, generalist.
I have lived on this site for more than 40 years, and since then, together with many
I have been able to develop it into a picturesque gem, a place of hope and inspiration.
My aim with 4Linden is to set an example that a different world is possible.
I want to show how little it takes to be happy and how little it takes to make others - people, animals and plants - happy. Or in other words: that a peaceful coexistence of all living beings on earth is both possible and indispensable.
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My name is Kim.

I have been living at 4Linden since December 2021. For a long time now, I have wanted to live close to nature and in community with people I feel close to.
With 4 Linden, I have found the place I wanted. It is like a jewel, a very special place of love and joy, where I can experience the values that are particularly important to me. I love living here - in the rhythm of the seasons, with daily tasks that bring me joy, with the numerous events in summer that we organize and hold together, with plants, animals and people who thrive here together.
I am also a geographer, a traveler, interested in spirituality and yoga.
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My name is Martin.

I am 42 years old and an electronics developer by profession.
At the beginning of 2023, I was looking for a different, more realistic life.
Tired of the prospect of the next Ikea facility, I found what I was missing on 4 Linden. A small, uncluttered life without unnecessary ballast, surrounded by animals that need my care and in the company of lovely people whom I really appreciate. Being able to live at 4 Linden is a blessing that could not have been better for me and for which I am very grateful.
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My name is Gesa Kiesow.

I am a designer and work in interior design and garden design, among other things. I have been living in the little witch's house on this farm with my grown-up son since the beginning of 2021. I am always touched by the care and love with which everything is put together here. All of this is work. And seeing how we manage it all together is simply a joy. Nature, creating new things, protecting old honors or repurposing them to breathe new life into them,
creating something with people, at whatever level - these are all wonderful fields for me. All of this is possible here.
I am the contact person and organizer for all kinds of celebrations and am delighted when they are a real experience for the guests. The onion in the photo may convey that I like to cook - that's right! Also for your party.
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My name is Moritz.

I'm 18 and attend a school that focuses on technical design.
I'm also interested in fashion.
I've been in 4 Linden from time to time for a few years now and have always liked it, without ever thinking I'd live here.

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