We are currently in the process of developing our existing and beautiful herb garden into a Charlemagne garden or Carolingian garden. The purpose of his decree "Capitulare de Villis", which Emperor Charles issued around 800, was to enable his subjects to heal themselves or keep themselves healthy with these herbs, vegetables and flowers in the event of illness. Charles had such a garden planted right next to his palace, today's Aachen town hall.

The wisdom of ancient knowledge is a hot topic today.
That is why we want to resurrect Charlemagne's garden on 4 lime trees in Aachen.

Charlemagne listed over 100 plants, herbs, flowers and vegetables. Some of these plants no longer exist today in their original form, and some have difficulty growing in the local weather conditions. But most of them are still available today - and effective for us, whether in everyday cooking or specifically to support healing processes.
You will find these plants with descriptions at 4 Linden.
The herb garden is open to visitors. Herbal seminars can also be offered and carried out here by external experts.

Gesa Kiesow
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