As a spiritual place of silence and reflection, the chapel offers us the space to give thanks for the abundance of creation that surrounds and nourishes us and to become aware of our own inner richness and our greatness and the greatness of everyone. In addition to silence and meditation, this abundance can also be honored and celebrated in this space with songs - together or alone. Rituals of various religions and beliefs can take place here, be it for classic themes such as baptisms and weddings, Easter foot washing, as well as for healing ceremonies and the like. Outsiders are always welcome.

The chapel unites the local tradition with the diversity of the world.
Traditional Christian symbols can be found in a round hut built in the Congolese style from wood, straw, wool and clay with an artistically designed round altar in the middle and the usual bell tower on the roof.

It stands freely, open to all directions and energies - surrounded by a Marian garden. This is a thanksgiving and tribute to Mary and all women who have worked and continue to work in small and large ways for the salvation of people, animals and the earth.
Mary is also the patron saint of the city of Aachen.

Contact persons:
Gesa Kiesow
Tel. 0178 759 79 02

Andreas Dilthey
Tel. 0170 344 80 70


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