Garden happiness

Together with friends, Franka looks after the 1st vegetable garden on 4Linden. Here you will find a small pond and tomatoes in a greenhouse, currant and raspberry bushes, flower and vegetable beds. And at the end of the Garden of Eden, a tranquil retreat for chatting and philosophizing after work. Help is always welcome here too. Since 2021, there has been another garden next to the chapel and Mariengarten. Kim takes care of it here.

“Dumb people run, smart pople wait, wise people go to the garden.”
Rabindranath Thakur

Busy as a bee

Orpheus is the beekeeper at 4Linden. With his colonies, he contributes to the pollination of the many fruit trees and a rich harvest in the fall. He also has great educational potential and knows how to help and advise on every conceivable question about bee life.

“When the bee dies, man dies.”